Mechanical Engineering

This department was also established right from the start of the College, with an intake of 60 students in 2003-2004 with state of the art infrastructure, much beyond the minimum stipulated norms. We have a dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff that is committed to the cause of education. The course includes the various tools of management techniques.

Faculty Details

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The objectives of the Department are:

To produce excellent, creative and competent engineers, with capabilities to cope up with the ever changing demands and requirements of the industries.

To mould them as leaders whose vision is founded upon fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, creativity, perspective and ethics.

To contribute to the economy, development and wellbeing of the country.


The department has established all the laboratories with the latest and state of the art equipments, fulfilling more than the University curriculum’s requirements. One equipment in each laboratory will be meant purely for research projects to be taken up by the students and faculty. The CAD / CAM centre provides excellent computational facilities with state of the art drafting, design, modeling and analysis packages.

The various laboratories are:

SL. NO .
1 Work shop Power Hack Saw Machine, Welding Transformer,
Bench Drilling Machine, Bench Grinding Machine, Bench vices.
2 CAED Lab Computers, Printer
3 Metallographic & Material Testing Lab Universal Testing Machine, Metallurgical Microscope,
Impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine
Rockwell & Brinell Hardness Testing Machine,MP Test.
4 1. Machine shop

2. Foundry & Forging Lab

Universal Strength Machine
Heart for smithy (Gas Fired), Heat Treatment Furnace, Sand Testing Equipments.
Lathes, Shaping Machine, Radial Drilling Machine,
Surface Grinding Machine, Milling Machine.
5 Metrology & Measurements Lab Pressure Gauge ,Thermocouple
LVDT, Load Cell , & Strain Gauge
6 Fluid Machinery Lab Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine
Centrifugal Pump-single stage, Centrifugal Pump Multistage
Air Compressor ,Venture-Orifice-Flow nozzle-Rota meter Combined setup
7 1. Energy Conversion    Engg. Lab.

2. Heat Transfer Lab.

ECE Lab.
4 stroke singe cylinder petrol engine(VCR)
P C Based 4 stroke singe cylinder Diesel engine
2 stroke petrol engine
4 stroke petrol engine (4 Cylinder)
HT Lab.
Thermal conductivity of metal rod
Heat Transfer through composite walls
Heat Transfer in Pin-Fin
Heat Transfer by Natural Connection
8 Design Lab Journal Bearing Apparatus
Diffused Light Polari scope Apparatus
Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
9 CAMD.CIM and CAMA Lab. Computers, Printer, CNC Machine ,Software’s


Besides the above features of each Department, they are all supported by a well equipped modern Library that has a pride of place among the various facilities provided in the college.
The large number and variety of volumes cater to every need of the student and the teacher. The wide range of reference books, journals and the standard books together meet the total needs.


Each Department has its respective Association, where the students are encouraged to develop and exhibit their talents and strengths. Activities like debates, group discussions, technical quizzes etc. are held regularly. Further, Guest Speakers, specialized in their respective fields are invited to come and share their knowledge and experience and interact with the students and teachers.

In Plant Training:

The Placement Department functions in coordination with the various Departments of the college and interacts with the Industries. In-plant training is arranged for the students during the vacation, which helps them in co-relating their class room knowledge with field practicals and realities.

Industrial visits, regular seminars and workshops also mould the students and help them in becoming full-fledged and well-equipped Engineers as they finally step out of the college.