Vision, Mission, and Quality Policy



Aspire to become preferred institute for quality engineering and technical education, interdisciplinary research and innovation with focus on conducive teaching and learning environment, sustainable and inclusive technology.



M1.  To inculcate outcome based quality education, emphasizing on experimental learning with state of the art infrastructure.

M2.  To promote industry-institute partnerships through collaborations for encouraging interdisciplinary research and innovations in thrust areas, by providing conducive environment.

M3.  To develop professionals through holistic education focusing on individual growth, discipline, integrity, ethics and social sensitivity.

M4.  To emphasize on inclusive technologies those are sustainable and benefiting different sectors of the society.

Quality Policy


Smt. Kamala and Sri Venkappa M. Agadi College of Engineering and Technologies committed to imparting Quality Education leading to Graduation in Engineering & Technology. Our aim is to become an institution of Excellence by continual improvements in our Academic Standards, Effectiveness by setting measurable objectives and complying with the applicable Statutory & Regulatory Requirements. The Quality of excellence pertains to professional management, Teaching Learning Process, and Career Development of Students, this is communicated to all stakeholders and is reviewed for continuing suitability.