Mechanical & Engineering

HOD's Desk

Prof. Vijaykuamr Chavan

Assistant Professor &  HOD

Dear Parents and Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to Smt. Kamala Sri Venkappa M Agadi College of Engineering & Technology, Lakshmeshwar and Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Thank you for showing your interest in Department of Mechanical Engineering.
I hope you enjoy reading about the exciting things that have been happening recently in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The people across the world are able to connect in no time because of fast growth in this field. This field of engineering and technology has a major contribution to the society which we are enjoying and witnessing today. This importance makes Mechanical Engineering branch to stay evergreen on top of all other Engineering branches as well.

Students come to SKSVMACET, Lakshmeshwar with varied ambitions and dreams – preparing for their chosen career or for continuing their education; our goal is to ensure that the education we provide opens the doorway to greater opportunities.

The philosophy of Outcome Based Education (OBE) forms the bedrock of teaching-learning process in the Department that has made provisions for continual curriculum updates in line with changing trends in the field. The experienced and dedicated faculty makes a continuous and conscious effort to bridge the gap between the Industry and the Engineering through personalized teaching-learning integrated by several active learning approaches in to Open-ended-experiments, and Mini-Minor-Capstone projects. A sophisticated range of equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories ensure that students get the best practical training. The student learning is continually assessed through a systematically designed ‘Rubric based evaluation scheme’. The myriad initiatives taken by the department are aligned to the practical situations providing sufficient industry exposure during student learning. The Industry-School bonds are fortified through active involvement of industry in curriculum development, industry visits and expert talks. In adherence to OBE frame-work the Department has a systematic assessment plan to gauge student attainment in technical and professional competencies at the time of graduation.


                                                                                                                                    Prof Vijaykuamr Chavan

                                                                                                                                          Professor and HOD