Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

As a branch of engineering, a course in Mechanical is to impart quality technical knowledge and competencies and produce well-qualified engineers in areas of Mechanical Engineering, who will make appreciable difference in the field. The mechanical engineering has enormous applications in the field of manufacturing, design, production and energy.

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, development, manufacture and application of machineries and its components. Mechanical Engineering emphasizes on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge about Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Finite Element Method, Heat Transfer, Material Science, Operations Research, Metal casting and welding  with  some elective subjects such as Total Quality Management, Non-Traditional Machining and Mechatronics to name a few.

The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty with a healthy student to staff ratio of 20:1, out of which four Doctorates, seven are pursuing Ph.D and remaining are Post-Graduates. Faculty members have their credit in technical papers published in international and national journals and conferences. They are also members of several important academic bodies.

Vision of the Department

“To produce competent professionals with good technical, leadership and human skills and prepare them to meet to corporate needs in the field of mechanical engineering thereby contributing to society at large ”.

Mission of the Department

The department will continuously strive to

  1. Provide a state-of-art environment that caters to technological, social and environmental requirements.
  2. Development of research initiatives in students for leading to product-development
  3. To imbibe the leadership qualities required to meet corporate standards.
  4. Practicing human values, team spirit and professional ethics for progressive wellbeing of the society.