Electrical & Electronics Engineeing

Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest branches from time immemorial. It is one of the fundamental branches of science and technology on which all other modern branches of engineering have evolved from. The total civilization has taken a sharp turn with the invention of electricity. Long distance electrical power transmission was mainly responsible for the sudden twist in the society’s development. The invention of many electrical appliances, electrical drives and machines has changed the total life style of mankind.

Faculty Details

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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department strongly believes in working towards a goal which is not merely theoretical in content but practical in approach. The department started in the year 2010 with a student intake of 60. The department has well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty who have been the driving force behind the rapid success of this department. The Department offers a comprehensive program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  • • Faculty are active in curriculum development, scholarly, and creative activities.
  • • The curriculum provides a sound engineering background with small class sizes
  • • The department has students association ASTELLAS for the overall development of department students.
  • • The major strengths of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering program lie in its faculty, whose basic philosophy built the curriculum, and in outstanding laboratory facilities.

We have well-established laboratories these Laboratories are established at a very huge cost. These Laboratories provide all the practical knowledge required for the student to face the world, when they go out of the college.

1. Transformer and Induction machines lab Transformers,  Different types of induction machines,
2. DC and Synchronous machines lab DC machines, alternators
3. Measurements and circuit simulation lab Different Bridges, Energy meter, CT, PT transformers,
Phase shifter
4. Micro controller lab Computers, 8051 kits
5. Control systems lab AC servomotor, DC servomotor, Computers, Different Trainer kits, Synchro  transmitter and receiver pair

Any structure, however high it might have grown, would always stand on its foundation. If the foundation is weak, the structure is bound to collapse one day or the other. Many modern branches of Science, Engineering and Technology have ignored this fact and they do not contain subjects on which the modern subjects have evolved from. It is like building first floor by slipping off the ground floor from underneath. It is like a student not caring to learn tables, as he knew to operate a calculator. In this respect, the EEE branch and EEE students association ASTELLAS members are definitely superior and well placed as they have very wide and comprehensive knowledge, when they go out of the college. These are the people, who stand as pillars over which the total civilization would be supported on.

In this way EEE branch is best branch of Engineering, since it gives the total all–round development to the student.