Health Care Facilities

SKSVMACET provides 24×7 Medicare for all our students and staff. Healthcare facilities for students and staff with the help of Agadi Sunrise Hospital, to facilitate health care. First-aid boxes with all accessories are kept in all laboratories where moving machinery is installed and other strategic locations.

As part of the medical counseling activity and to monitor all the individuals’ well-being, a preliminary health check-up from Agadi Sunrise Hospital for all students, faculty, and staff members will be conducted.

Round clock Ambulance service is available for the students and staff during an emergency.  Contact: 8095294422/33

Few Awareness programs @ our campus.

  • Awareness on women’s wellness
  • Awareness on diabetic mellitus and hyper tension.
  • Importance of nutritional diet.
  • Awareness on social habits.
  • First aid and BLS (Basic life supporting skills) training.