Additional Information

Nature of faculty and student in academic affairs / improvements

  • Every Department has a schedule and scheme of teaching.At the end of the semester, subject allotment is made along with the laboratory schedules, in the staff meeting.
  • Teachers provide lesson plans and schedule of all lectures.
  • Tutorials are conducted
  • At department level, staff meeting are held and performance is evaluated.
  • At regular interval, feed back from the students are taken and necessary corrective actions are made.

 Mechanism / Norms & Procedure for democratic / good Governance.

  • There are Steering Committes involving Staff. Meetings rely on candid opinion of every members.
  • At regular interval, meetings are held and monitoring of the various decisions is carried out.

 Student Feedback on Institutional Governance / Faculty performance

  • Student feed back is valued and necessary corrective actions are taken.
  • Two feed backs are collected, formative and summative in each semester.

 Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students

  • Grievance Redressal Cell consists of representation from faculty, administrative staff, library staff and students present their Grievance.