Chairman’s Message

Sri Harshavardhan V. Agadi, B.Com., MBA ( USA )
Chairman, Founder & Life Time Trustee,
Chief Executive Officer and President of Crawford & Company

Our founding Trustees mission is to create an impressionable institution with unbeatable multifaceted leaders of consequence. To move it closer to reality, the Institution runs on its own erstwhile credentials where Capitation fees are not imposed on the family of the student. Nevertheless, deserving candidate’s talent and performance is duly recognised by bestowing upon them a generous amount of merits scholarships for excellence in academics, sports and taking initiative in Leadership. Those in need of Scholarships by way of financial assistance are our priority as well.

Our value systems are deep rooted and if your goal meets our expectation of honing oneself to be a leader of consequence alongside earning coveted Engineering degree, then our campus is the right place to be, to nurture and realise your dreams, ambitions. We look forward to encourage all students to help them attain their true potential and promote their all round development.

We heartily welcome you to our esteemed Institution.

Sri Harshavardhan V.Agadi
Chairman & Managing Trustee